We do this with our own hands.

We are aware and proud to always offer quality products, with low environmental impact and 100% Made in Italy, or rather, Made in Genoa.


To ensure product's quality and functionality.
We follow a few simple rules:

° Made in Italy

° Environmental sustainability

° OEKO- TEX certificate


and how much we love it!

We start with an idea, a thought, and then...we create!

This is custom heading element


avoiding fabric waste.

During the printing process, the first step is the space optimisation. After that, we print on special paper through the use of environmentally friendly ink and then transfer the print to fabric through a process called ''sublimation'', whereby the ink fixes and stabilises in the fabric without ever leaving.


and it is almost done!

The printed piece of fabric is cut by laser, an ideal cut because it is very precise and prevents fraying in the fabric. At this point we just have to pass all the various pieces of the garment to our legendary seamstresses for the final tailoring.


Technology and craftsmanship meet here.

The expert hands of our seamstresses, with great attention to details, tailor the garment ensuring a high quality product without sparing themselves in the continuous search for perfection.

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