The STAY LOCAL project was born because we want to share the young Genoese realities that, thanks to talent and passion for their work, continue to create value for our territory.

We met them, each in their own environment, all with the same drive.

This campaign is because we love to tell stories.

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@buonventopottery in Sort Cap

Pure energy, Bianca tells about Genoa, she transmits love for the sea, positivity and passion through her ceramics.

Ceramics represent for her her best means of communication.

Her magic world is located in Palazzo Ducale, where you can find her and all her works: cups, plates, sculptures, mugs and so on, but not only…because if you want, you can learn with her how to make them with your own hands.

Spokeswoman of a very fresh youth world, Buon vento is a unique reality that is absolutely worth to get in touch with!


Federica is sweetness and confusion, Federica is Cacaos, the first eco store in Genoa.

A woman of many resources, she has open a unique store, where sustainability, design and irreverence reign. All Cacaos products are biodegradable and highly sought after, from @capezzolo t-shirts to holy posts, illustrations and graphics, plaids, blankets and even 100% biodegradable pads.

“a space that did not exist, where inner sensitivity, global communication, body, intimacy and irreverence decline the complex relationship between man and matter according to innovative forms of design, beauty and extravagance”.

Go and meet her at Via degli Orefici 43, Genoa.


Zero waste on SATURDAY at kilo_sfuseria

Kilo-la sfuseria del vicolo is a small bulk store in the heart of Genoa that spreads plastic-free, one smile at a time, the Olga’s smile.

This is a shopping that does not involve packaging: you can usually bring paper bags, fabric, glass or plastic containers that you have at home, there are no minimum spending amounts, you take what you want.

You can place your order on WhatsApp to 3927359652 asking for the list of products and pick up the groceries ready in the store or have them delivered directly to your home!

What else?!


ANANAS on beatrice_profumo

She is a volcano and her ice cream, well it speaks for itself.

Let’s just say it’s among the best artisanal ice cream shops in Italy and this is how this ice cream was defined by Gambero Rosso: ” Profumo’s ice cream is so good and tasty “that it even seems less cold“”

Trying is believing –> Pasticceria-Gelateria Profumo


THURSDAY at pizzeriasavo

Savò’s pizza is…Savò’s pizza.

It is no coincidence that Savò means flavor: flavor of good food, quality and conviviality

All of the doughs they make are made with stone-ground whole grain flours and sourdough.

Little talk, gourmet pizza is here.


NO MORE STRESS w/gojidesign

Super sunny, Michael is the keeper of plant secrets, his beauty is that he doesn’t keep them all to himself but shares them with everyone and with passion.

Thanks to his advice, green thumbs are not born but become!

Terrariums, kokadames, plantstations, guides and more. Nature and design meet here.


FRIDAY trips w/ addominalidipanna

Chiara is a product and communication graphic designer and illustrator. She collaborates with the blog @lestradedigenova, a page born in Turin and also present in Milan and Rome, formed by young “urban explorers” with the intent to give prominence and visibility to local realities.

Right around this time the Young Explorers of Genoa published a very useful column about food delivery –> delivery-a-genova-nel-2020-novita-e-attivita-online


SUNDAY bbq w/ midwaygenova

Genoa’s most eclectic hairdressing duo! Here, those who don’t know them, definitely have a horrible haircut.

Hermann and Fuji don’t just mess with your head, they also do it on live Twitch! Yep… every afternoon!

Have fun –> twitch/midwayhair


MONDAY it’s groove_burger!

Lunch or dinner they are always there!

In the heart of Genoa’s historic center, the guys at Groove are always looking for the perfect combo for mouth-watering burgers.

We are crazy about SLOW BURGER, what about you?